Introducing Mbali:
Your Expert in Skin and Body Therapy

The Pink Aesthetic

Mbali Mthombeni

With over a decade of dedicated experience in the field of beauty and wellness, Mbali is a seasoned professional in the realm of skin and body therapy. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, Mbali’s journey in the beauty industry has been nothing short of exceptional.Mbali’s passion for the art of beauty and wellness led her to pursue a somatology diploma, which she successfully obtained at the renowned Madge Wallace Institute. This formal training provided her with a strong foundation in the science and artistry of skin and body care.Throughout her illustrious career, Mbali has had the privilege of crossing paths with industry legends. Notably, she had the honour of meeting Jane Wurwand, the visionary founder of Dermalogica, and Dr Des Fernandes, the innovative founder of Environ. These encounters with pioneers in the field further fueled her commitment to delivering excellence in skin and body therapy.While Mbali possesses a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of beauty, her true speciality lies in skin and body therapy. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of advanced treatments, including chemical peels, laser procedures, and even tattoo removal with techniques like Clear Lift. Mbali’s clients have come to rely on her for transformative experiences, rejuvenating their skin and enhancing their overall well-being.When you choose Mbali for your beauty and wellness needs, you are selecting an industry expert with a deep passion for her craft. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience, ensures that you receive top-notch care and results that speak for themselves.